Why Get Familiar with Prezi?

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It’s always a problem to find a wise way to organize your thoughts. Mind mapping is a great way to do this. So, you need something that will assist you in organizing your thoughts visually and relating your ideas to one another, and this is where Prezi comes in.

You have probably heard about Prezi, but maybe you still don’t have a clear idea about what it is. Prezi is an amazing tool that will help your presentations come to life, and this is not an overstatement.

Generally, Prezi offers you all the basic functions that are available with other similar tools. However, what makes Prezi unique are some amazing features which will make any presentation stand out from the crowd. For instance, there is an opportunity to link motion and text, creating thus a deeper understanding of the topic in question.

As any other tool, Prezi has its disadvantages, and if you want to get an objective view of it, you should be aware of these as well.

Let us now look at both good and bad sides of Prezi so that you can decide whether or not you will join all those who praise Prezi so much.

What Are the Pros of Prezi?

1. It’s Free!

You know that there are great tools out there, but the fact is that they have to be paid for. Another thing that makes Prezi cool is that it is web-based and that you can use it for free once you create your account. Now, you are probably wondering if you can use it anywhere. Yes, you can as long as you have an Internet access. This is not all, though. Another great thing is that there is Prezi Desktop, which allows you to download Prezi for Windows and work offline. Also, there are different ways to access your presentations– from your browser, iPad, desktop, iPhone, or any Android device.

2. Use movements to convey ideas

The feature that makes Prezi stand out from other traditional presentation tools is the option to make movements part of your presentations. One word of caution here: don’t overdo it (but we’ll talk about this later). So, there is this zooming option which you can use to zoom to a frame and thus focus on the ideas you are discussing. In that way, it is easier to present a variety of issues and examples as part of one logically-connected topic.

3. Break the routine

With Prezi, you will create your presentations in a bit different way so that they will not resemble those typical, slide-based ones. Namely, when you start with creating a presentation, you will find yourself alone with the canvas. As the name itself suggests, a blank canvas gives you an opportunity to create anything that comes to your mind, i.e. you can organize your content any way you like. On the other hand, there is a variety of templates that you can choose from. Prezi offers you a number of these, but if they don’t fit your purpose, you can always find incredible templates online. Also, the fact that Prezi doesn’t give you slides but only one canvas means that there is an opportunity to create visual links between all the ideas presented. This helps your audience see how all the details you present fit into a bigger picture.

4. Appropriate for all ages

When you look at a prezi, you may think that it is something that only a genius can make. That is what I though after seeing this kind of a presentation for the first time. So, I got curious and decided to get familiar with it and after just a few minutes, everything was clear to me. Why? Because the tool is very user-friendly, and it is appropriate for all ages. All the options and icons are clearly displayed, and there is no way you will get confused or give up along the way. The interface is also simply designed, which makes it even easier for anyone to get the hang of it quickly.

What are the cons of Prezi?

1. It is web-based

No, I didn’t get confused here. Although I listed it as one of the pros, I also think that being a web-based tool may sometimes be a con rather than a pro. In other words, those who have a slow Internet access or their Internet connection is not reliable will probably get frustrated waiting for Prezi to respond to their commands or display everything that they have put on the canvas. However, this is also easily solved because, as I already pointed out, there is a desktop version so that you can work offline. Also, you can always export your presentations so that you can view them offline.

2. Prezi can cause motion sickness

Yes, Prezi can do this too. It happened a few times to me as well. Although it is great to show off your Prezi skills and make fast and expansive fly-overs, flying from one corner to the other end may cause your audience feel dizzy a bit. So, make simple and short fly-overs instead of moving frequently from one end of the canvas to another. So, this problem that Prezi may cause can easily be eliminated if you consider your transitions and plan them well.

So, now that you have some idea about Prezi, you can decide either to stay away from it or eagerly try it out. I highly recommend testing it for yourself. If you think that there are any pros or cons that I missed, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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