Using Prezi like a Pro – 6 tips for giving killer presentations with Prezi

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Sometimes there is an important project to work on, and you want to make a presentation that will be perfect. And then you sit in front of your computer dedicated to do your best and then – blank. Nothing happens. It is true that Prezi is a great tool to help you successfully express your ideas interactively, but you have to know how to use it to achieve that effect. You should also know that great prezis don’t always need to take much time. So, there are certain shortcuts that you can use and feel like a pro in this.

Read on to see what things can make you look like a real Prezi expert. Also, these tips will definitely cut the time you spend on creating prezis.

1. Moving multiple objects at once

One thing that will surely save your time when creating presentations is moving multiple objects all at once. This is great because sometimes you need to move a number of objects, and it may happen that you accidentally move something you don’t want to move and that you lose your formatting because of that. With Prezi, you can group objects you want to move together and avoid these problems.

How to do this?

  • When you want to select several elements, just hold down Shift and click on the objects to group them.
  • When you select the object, you will see the Group button that will appear on top of your selection. By clicking it, you will lock the objects.
  • Now, when your objects as grouped, you can move them around.


2. Importing from PowerPoint

If you have an old PowerPoint presentation, and you want to give it a new twist with Prezi, that doesn’t mean that you will have to spend time on creating every slide separately. Imagine how tiresome it would be if your presentation has a hundred slides. Fortunately, Prezi offers this great option to import your PowerPoint presentations. Not only that! You can either import all the slides at once or do it slide by slide.

How to do this?

  • To do this, just click on the Insert tab and then go to PowerPoint.
  • Here, you can choose to import the PPTX or PPT file. And now you just have to wait for Prezi to upload the chosen file.
  • After this, you will see the slides on the right side. Then, you can choose to insert all the slides (click on the button at the top) or simply drag those slides you want to the canvas.


3. Using Favorites

This is a great tip for those who use Prezi frequently. As with everything else, you probably tend to use the same images or symbols often, particularly if you deal with one particular issue that you break down into individual presentations. Searching through your prezis and copying images or symbols, wasting your precious time… Those who developed Prezi thought of this as well. So, you have this option to store these in the Favorite collection and use them whenever you need them.

How to do this?

  • To do this, choose the item you want to store and then click on it.
  • There will appear the button Favorite, click on it to save the chosen object.
  • When you want to use these stored items, go to the Insert tab and choose Favorite. When you choose the item you want to use, simply drag it to the canvas.


4. Edit collaboratively

Prezi allows you to collaborate with your co-workers or partners without being physically near them. Two heads are smarter than one (and Prezi allows for up to 10 people to work together on the same presentation), and when you work together, the job gets done quickly. With Prezi, you can edit and work together online, and all the edits you make are tracked in real-time.

How to do this?

  • To use this option, you should go to the Share button which you can find in Edit mode.
  • When you see the drop-down menu, you should click on Share Prezi, and when a new window opens, you just have to type email addresses of those people you want to collaborate with.
  • Type these addresses in the Add People field. You’ll also see the drop-down menu where you will need to select Editor and click Add.
  • Once you do this, these people will receive an email which will link them to the presentation. There is the sidebar on the right where you can see all the people working with you, and anytime you want, you can invite more people.


5. Use fade-in objects

The zooming effect is not the only thing that can make your presentation stunning. There is also an opportunity to use fade-in animation which serves to make your objects appear.

How to use this?

  • At the bottom of the left sidebar, click Edit Path.
  • Now choose the frame you want to use fade-in animation with. You will see the star symbol.
  • Once you see the star, just click on it and a new window will appear.
  • Click Done to finish.


6. Adding a voice-over

Once you create your presentation, you can leave it to present on its own. That’s really cool, right? However, to use this feature, you will have to record an audio file that will follow your prezi. This is a great thing to use when you want to embed your prezis on your website or to create tutorials.

Now, how to do this?

  • In Edit mode, you will find the Path you want to add sound to.
  • When you click the Insert tab, the drop-down menu will appear. Now you have to select the option Add Voice-Over to Path Step.
  • Once you choose the audio file you want to add, you will have to wait for Prezi to upload it.
  • There is an option to test play the audio once it is uploaded. Just click on the triangle.
  • After this, click Done, and you’ll go back to editing your prezi.



There you have it, 6 tips for giving killer presentations to use prezi like a Pro – some cool prezi features that will make your job easier. You will not only save time using these tips but will also look as a prezi expert.

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