How to present a prezi

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Now that you created your first prezi, you may be wondering how to present it. But before we come to that, let’s take a look at something you should do before hitting that Present button.

If you want to present your prezis directly from a browser, you should think about these things.

First when you plug in a projector, enter Present mode. To do this, simply click Present that you can find in the top-left corner.

Before even plugging in the projector, it is advised to resize your browser window to small because sometimes the resolution may change, and you may have some problems resizing it again.

Prezi supports all major browsers such as Safari 4.0, Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 21, and Mozilla Firefox 3.5. To avoid any kind of problems, you should use these versions or higher.

Now, when you log into your account and go to the prezi you want to present, first go to the cogwheel icon on the right and make sure that shortcuts are enabled. This will come in handy later.

Now you are ready. In the top right corner, you will find the button Present. Click it. You will be prompted to allow fullscreen mode with keyboard controls. Click Allow; otherwise, you’ll go back to Edit mode.

When you enter Present mode, you will see a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Use the left and right arrows to move through your presentation. You can also click on any object to zoom directly to it or click away from it to zoom away.

You will also see the cogwheel icon in the bottom right corner to autoplay your prezi. Choose 3, 4, 10 or 20 seconds. When you tap the arrow the autoplay will stop. If you want to go to the overview at any time, hit control + space.

Remember that somewhere at the beginning of the article you read that enabling shortcuts will come in handy. Well, here it is. If you want to turn the attention from the prezi to you, hit B to black, and if you want to go back to your prezi, hit b again. If you want to go to Edit mode, just press the escape key at any time.

Portable prezis

Besides presenting from a browser, you can also download a portable prezi.

A portable prezi is a way to present your presentation without an Internet access or logging into your account. However, this portable version of your prezi cannot be edited. Also, you can present it either on Windows or Mac because there is no need to install anything. Besides presenting them, portable prezis can be transferred to your USB drive, burnt on a DVD or CD, or you can distribute them to other people, who will not be able to modify your prezis in any way. One thing to note is that if your prezi contains YouTube videos, you will need an Internet connection to play them.

Now, how can you create this portable version of a prezi?

  • First, log into your account and go to your library.
  • Choose the prezi you want to turn into its portable version and click on it.
  • You will see the Download button below the prezi. Click on it.


  • Choose the Presenting tab and then go to Download.
  • Now you should give your computer some time to prepare for the download.

Your downloaded prezi will be saved as a ZIP file. After that, you can rename the file or change its location if you want.

When you are in Edit mode, you can also download a portable prezi. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click on the share icon which is located in the top menu.
  • Then, click on Download as a portable prezi from the drop-down menu.

The prezi will also be saved as a ZIP file.


How to use a portable prezi?

First, you have to unzip your prezi. You can do that in this way:

  • Double-click the Zip file. Sometimes a pop-up window may appear giving you an option to Run or Extract all. Choose Extract all.
  • Now you can open the folder simply by double-clicking it.

It is important not to move any files from this folder because your prezi will probably not work properly.

Now when you have unzipped your prezi, you can send it. When sending someone your prezi, unless you make sure to send the entire ZIP folder, the recipient will not be able to watch the prezi.

Printing a prezi

If you want to print a prezi and make handouts for your audience, you can do this as well. To do this, you will first have to convert your prezi into a PDF.

When converted to a PDF, one path step will actually be one PDF page. The overview will be included as well. If the path steps don’t actually follow your narrative, then you should edit the path.

  • To print a prezi, you first should go to the Share icon in the top right menu.


  • Prezi will need some time to convert your presentation. After that, you can click to save your prezi as a PDF file when prompted.


  • When you click this, a new window will open, and here you can name your file and choose the location.
  • Now click on Save and that’s it.

Once you have your prezi converted to a PDF file, you can print it.

Before you choose to convert your prezi and print it, you should consider some things. First, as already said, every step will be one page in the PDF file. So, if you have many steps, there will be more pages to print. If you want this to be like a handout for your audience, then you may want to remove some steps. Also, it is always better to check the path once again before converting the prezi because it is better to avoid pages with the same content.

Now when you know all this, you are ready to rock the stage.

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