Editing Content with the Prezi Transformation Tool

Almost any kind of modification you make of various objects in Prezi is done using the so-called Transformation tool. As the name itself suggests, this tool allows you to edit any content you place on your canvas. Where to find it? Just click on any object on the canvas you want to modify, and this transformation tool will appear. The transformation tool may differ in terms of the options available when it comes to editing images and texts. Now, let’s look more closely at what this tool actually does. Transformation tool used with objects To move any object, you just need to click on it. When the transformation tool appears, hold the hand symbol and drag. When the transformation tool appears, you can also use it to change the size of the selected object. There are two ways to do this. One is to click the plus and minus buttons,…

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Explaining Prezi’s Zooming Feature

Among other useful things you can do with Prezi, there is this zooming feature that gives your prezis that special feel. When in Present mode, you can use this zooming feature to focus on objects. This feature is a great way to move smoothly through your canvas and path. It is used not only for zooming in (to focus on an object) but also for zooming out as well (to set a distance). When you use zoom out, it will take you one step further away from your current view. So, this means that if you have a hierarchy of frames, zoom out will take you to the frame for just one step larger than the frame you are currently focused on. How does it work? Prezi is a smart tool and when you click on any object when in Present mode, Prezi works out the best view for that…

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Using Prezi like a Pro – 6 tips for giving killer presentations with Prezi

Sometimes there is an important project to work on, and you want to make a presentation that will be perfect. And then you sit in front of your computer dedicated to do your best and then – blank. Nothing happens. It is true that Prezi is a great tool to help you successfully express your ideas interactively, but you have to know how to use it to achieve that effect. You should also know that great prezis don’t always need to take much time. So, there are certain shortcuts that you can use and feel like a pro in this. Read on to see what things can make you look like a real Prezi expert. Also, these tips will definitely cut the time you spend on creating prezis. 1. Moving multiple objects at once One thing that will surely save your time when creating presentations is moving multiple objects all…

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How to present a prezi

Now that you created your first prezi, you may be wondering how to present it. But before we come to that, let’s take a look at something you should do before hitting that Present button. If you want to present your prezis directly from a browser, you should think about these things. First when you plug in a projector, enter Present mode. To do this, simply click Present that you can find in the top-left corner. Before even plugging in the projector, it is advised to resize your browser window to small because sometimes the resolution may change, and you may have some problems resizing it again. Prezi supports all major browsers such as Safari 4.0, Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 21, and Mozilla Firefox 3.5. To avoid any kind of problems, you should use these versions or higher. Now, when you log into your account and go to the…

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Why Get Familiar with Prezi?

It’s always a problem to find a wise way to organize your thoughts. Mind mapping is a great way to do this. So, you need something that will assist you in organizing your thoughts visually and relating your ideas to one another, and this is where Prezi comes in. You have probably heard about Prezi, but maybe you still don’t have a clear idea about what it is. Prezi is an amazing tool that will help your presentations come to life, and this is not an overstatement. Generally, Prezi offers you all the basic functions that are available with other similar tools. However, what makes Prezi unique are some amazing features which will make any presentation stand out from the crowd. For instance, there is an opportunity to link motion and text, creating thus a deeper understanding of the topic in question. As any other tool, Prezi has its disadvantages,…

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